Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I've been listening to local radio and reading the paper.  The wrath on Henne has begun.  But the coaches won't address it - "Henne is our guy" is the response.

A couple of local reporters pointed out that the team will do what teams always do: give him more time.  And then maybe, once the season is over (because there's no shot at the playoffs), they'll consider a switch.

Sorry.  That's not good enough.  You've been here for 2 1/2 years mr. Sparano, and while you may have had a plan for rebuilding, it hasn't happened yet.  What are you going to tell me next, that its a 5-year plan?  Come on.  The Rams are better in one year.  Why? Because they got a QB.  The Raiders are suddenly better, and the only major change they made QB.  Do I see a trend here?

I'll admit, I was calling for Henne to start after he was drafted.  And that's because I wanted to see him play when they drafted him.  Worked for Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco, didn't it?  Instead we were teased with a (I can't believe I'm about to say this) good QB in Pennington, and THEN given Henne when Pennington went down.  He's been the starter for more than 21 games, and its clear he's nothing more than a fill-in for now.

So, Dolphins, stick with your guy as we know you will.  And when the Fins are no better than 6-6 we'll see what you think.
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