Saturday, November 20, 2010

Give me a break

The Dolphins start to struggle, and suddenly you start to hear about how much the media and fans miss Ted Ginn and his big play ability???  Are you insane?

The guy was average at best, and was a bust.  Yes, he had two long kickoff returns against the Jets, and one or two other down-the-field catches, but he was otherwise useless.  This year, for the most part, the team isn't even trying to get it down the field.  Rather, they are content to toss it short time and again.  Would Ted Ginn being here change the playcalling?  I think not.

Besides, 40 times are overrated.  Sure, he's fast without pads - but that doesn't make someone a football player.  And think about this: Ginn was timed at 4.38 coming out of college.  His teammate - Brian Hartline - was timed at 4.44.  I contend that Hartline is flat out a better player, and can/does rival Ginn in football speed.  

But like I said - they don't do enough to take advantage of it.
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