Friday, November 19, 2010

adventures in officiating

The officials got both interceptions right in the game and on review. I was impressed that they applied the rule correctly. Twice.

Where I was having a little trouble was here: The Bears had a down in the 2nd where Cutler dropped back and was between the tackles. He clearly was trying to go screen, but he simply threw the ball to the ground and "took" the incompletion.

The problem I have here is that (a) he was under pressure and between the tackles and threw the ball away, and (b) the ball didn't reach the lineof scrimmage, which is the usual litmus test for intentional grounding.

Then it was the next play, and the play clock showed all naughts. The rule is that if it goes from 01 to 00, its a delay of game. You don't get an extra half second to snap the ball. Its dead when it gets to zero.

And I've seen many a game where this rule was applied. But not here. Its at 00, and the ball hasn't been snapped.

Now these are minor infractions, and didn't lead to the win or loss directly, but it drives me crazy when there's inconsistency in officiating.
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