Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wanker of the week

Say what you will about how this game came down to the end, and how it may have been a weird officiating call (more on that later) that ultimately lost the game.  Or how Chad Henne sucked on that last drive.

But lets be honest.  This game was lost in the opening minutes.  Pittsburgh fumbled the opening kickoff, and Miami took over at the Pittsburgh 22.  The playcalls went run, incomplete pass to a back, incomplete pass to a back.  And they settled for a field goal.

Then, on Pittsburgh's next drive, Rothlisberger fumbled and Miami took over on the Pittsburgh 13.  The Dolphins ran 3 times to Ricky, and SETTLED for a field goal.

Tow possessions deep very early, and Miami gets 6 points.  You HAVE TO go for the touchdowns, and play like you want, no expect, to win the game.  Taking 3 points is not having that desire, sorry.

And there were assorted other occasions where the Fins had routes that went short of the first down marker.

Plus the decision to go for one to make it a one-point deficit, rather than a tie hurt them in the end.

And let's see...who is running the offense?  Why that would be Dan Henning.

So for all of these things, Dan Henning, you are the wanker of the week.

I know you've been coaching since football was invented, but grow a pair, would ya?
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