Saturday, October 02, 2010

That was quite a week...

There were a few interesting twists and turns this week that bear looking back on...

  • The Phins underestimated the number of cars that would be at the stadium. It turns out that there were a large number of people who tailgated throughout the game without ever going into the stadium. That meant that the lots filled up and a number of season ticket holders holding valid parking passes were either forced to park farther away and pay for parking again, or they simply missed the game altogether. The phins want to make good on those that had to pay twice and apologized for the confusion.

  • When they decided to open club LIV, they had to relocate a (fairly small) number of ticket holders who had seats that were to be converted. They weren't too happy with the outcome, especially since they purchased licences for those seats. But that's not so much of a concern to the management we don't think, because that's a small group, and they're making 10x that on admission to this "nightclub."

  • On the field, you had DL Tony McDaniel suspended for one game for using a banned substance. There was a small mixup, and it was supposed to be for the Jets game, but the Dolphins didn't know about it; he'll be out for the Pats.

  • Erik Walden was brought back a few weeks ago to provide depth, then he missed the key block on the punt that got blocked, and was cut on Tuesday

  • Brandon Marshall was called out on the NFL Network for not trying hard enough at the end. Marshall felt the need to respond which was kind of amusing. Dude had 10 catches on the night, including a long one that set the team up at the 11...WTF????

  • Sparano called out the special teams and said he was thinking of sticking starters out there!

  • Channing Crowder still has his issue, and was sent to see a specialist. It is believed that he has some kind of sports hernia, but so far its speculation. Weird, though, that he's missed three games (and will probably miss a fourth). Why didn't they just stick him on the PUP for the first 6 weeks?

  • The wildcat was assailed this week in the media. Has it run out of gas? Will the Dolphins shelve it? Does it break the rhythm? It goes to show you that the media didn't have too much to say this week...

  • John Jerry had a stomach flu last week, and missed three days of practice, and didn't suit up Sunday night. This week, he was limited in practice. That must have been one heck of a stomach flu.

  • Its back to court for OJ McDuffie. He was relieved when the verdict came down and his dealings with the Dolphins medical staff was finally over and he was awarded $11 million....this week, on appeal, the judge ordered a retrial. Its already been more than a decade since OJ last suited up. I guess his grandkids will enjoy whatever inheritance he might get when this finally does end.

  • Away from the phins, there was a story about Chad Ochocinco having a box of cereal produced with some proceeds going to charity, and a number appearing on the box for people to make additional donations. Except that the number printed was to a sex line instead of the charity. Oops. He did take responsibility and apologize, but earlier in the day he was quoted as saying "start your day with a little sugar!"
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