Monday, October 18, 2010

Rodgers' TD

The fins had the packers in a 3rd and long late and let them off the hook.

Then they got a first and goal. On first it's a Rodgers scramble. On second and third it was runs with the fullback.

It's fourth and goal at the 1. The packers take a timeout and lineup. Then Miami sees the formation and takes a timeout of their own.

Rodgers is in the shotgun with no backs. I said aloud "it's a draw!" and the linebacker moves over to cover a receiver.

The middle is open.

Rodgers comes up to center and as he does so I notice the confusion on the defense. No one is covering the middle and Bell and a few others are trying to find their positions.

And then I said "it's a sneak!" and sure enough Rodgers walked into the endzone untouched.

What puzzled me here was why the packers went for the tie rather than going for 2 and the win....

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