Thursday, October 07, 2010

Randy Moss

If there was one thing that amused me about monday - and believe me at this point I'll take *anything* - its that Randy Moss apparently went crazy in the locker room after the game because he didn't have a catch.  You're supposed to be a team player, and you were a decoy in this case, and your team won by a nice margin.  And all you care about is your own stats?

Shoot, why couldn't this have affected him *before* the game?

Anyway, he gets traded for 3rd and 7th round picks to the Vikings.  That's more than the 4th round pick the Pats gave up to get him several years ago.

And its also less than the Patriots gave up to get Wes Welker (2nd and 7th).  Heading into this game, I heard people grumbling it was one of the worst player trades in Dolphins history, because the guy is so productive.  Given the assorted trades for wideouts, I can hardly blame Saban/Mueller on this one.  They got a *deal* for Welker.
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