Monday, October 18, 2010


Miami had two quirky things happen in the game.

The first was the 4th down "stop" of Ronnie Brown that killed miami's momentum and looked like it was going to lead to the loss.

It was odd because the replay clearly showed he got the first down, and then some. And I was pretty sure during the play that he had surged forward.

Only the officials marked him short. And here's the quirky thing - a challenge of the spot only has about a 5% chance of succeeding. I know Sparano had to try and get it overturned. But it was a long shot at best.

The other play was the punt where you had a packer lined up directly over center. They changed the rule this year to prevent injury since the long snapper has his head down and so he did violate the rule. But man is that a weird rule.

Oh and speaking of quirky why is it that pretty much all celebrations - especially those that are planned - are forbidden but the Lambeau Leap is okay?

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