Monday, October 18, 2010

Portrait of a quitter

Turns out the line we were fed that "nothing changes" was all BS -
which I expected.

Bill Parcells has apparently departed the Dolphins facility and has no
intention of returning. "He's in his office watching game film."

If the office is at home, and the game film is that of another team,
then I believe it.

Thanks for literally nothing Bill!

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dude what dave? he set us up for years. before he got here we were in shambles... now we have a Great #1 receiver. one of the bet slot recievers in the game great linebackers sick cornerbacks and most importantly a decent qb. not bad parcell thanks for everything


okay,okay, I'm being a little harsh. As I said in a previous post, I'm not entirely sure that the Cam team was *that* bad. Yes, there are certainly some better players on the team today, but I would argue there were a lot of missteps over the last 2 years as well.

The challenge for me is that there are many football guys who could have taken a 1-15 team and remade it into a better team over the course of 3 years. And, yet, he didn't stay around to see it actually do something.

Better or not, I still expect them to host the AFC championship game this year - that seems unlikely at this point, but anything less is a disappointment.

Better is relative. I want championships!


Oh, and...

I would argue that it was Ireland who did this for us, not Parcells. I will give Jeff the credit in the personnel space.

I think Bill gets too much credit for what went on here.