Saturday, October 23, 2010

Info about stadium improvements

  • The UEFA dropped it's bid for the 2018 world cup and will focus on 2022. Miami is still very much in the mix, but stadium improvements will be important.

  • Stephen Ross is moving forward with his plan to secure public funding for stadium improvements, but he tied it to upgrades to the Miami beach convention center which has decided it wants a lot of money and may exclude the dolphins from the legislation.

  • The NFL has been telling host cities to expect that future superbowls will be presidents day weekend.  There is the boat show in miami for a week around that weekend every year and they will NOT move their event. Ft Lauderdale said they would play host, but The host committee in south Florida has basically said that would exclude Miami so they won't support that and don't know what to do next. (yes, I know the NFL has more "clout" and likely would win out, but the facts are what they are)

  • In any case, the plan to secure public funds rests on the ability to increase the bed taxes by 1% in dade county. But remember that the marlins loan is supposed to be repaid from existing bed tax dollars with an overages coming from the general city fund.  That can't end well

Aside to Mr Ross: next time take the $12 mil you "gave" to Parcells and use it to make your own improvements!!

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