Monday, October 25, 2010

An explanation....sort of...

Mike Pereira, former official and now a commentator on officiating said of Sunday's call: 
This was a very unusual play. The ruling differs in the field of play if the ruling was down by contact vs. a play in the end zone, when the ruling is a touchdown. In the field of play, had this play happened, Miami would have lost the challenge since there wasn't indisputable visual evidence to determine who recovered the ball. The down by contact ruling would have stood in that case.
In this case, the officials ruled touchdown and since the ball was loose before it broke the plane, the touchdown ruling was reversed and the ball is returned to the spot of the fumble. Since the ruling changed from a touchdown to the ball being returned to the spot of the fumble, an aspect of the play was changed and therefore, Miami won the challenge

Which essentially begs the response "hunh?" 

The call was blown, and there's no accountability.
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The call was blown on the field. The accountability comes behind closed doors at league offices. The problem here was that replay wasn't designed to correct this kind of fuckup by that line judge that called a TD that he didn't see.


It just kills me that week in and week out we'll see 4 officials huddle up to decide 5 yard penalties and then on a play that decided the game between two teams with winning records, trying to compete in the two toughest divisions we get this crap.