Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Dolphins connection

Brett Favre is in the news for his alleged transgression, and hey, if he wants to send a picture of his junk to someone, that’s his business. I know, its in the personal conduct arena, but isn’t this really between him and his wife and the other woman??

Anyway, the other woman is Jenn Sterger, who at one time was one of the “FSU Cowgirls” know the couple of young hotties who were at an FSU Miami game wearing bikinis; they got shown on TV with Brent Mussburger saying something like “there’s a good reason to come to FSU.” It led to some fame, and the girls appeared in Maxim, among other things.

There’s a Dolphins connection here. One of the other cowgirls is Fabiola, who has been a Dolphins cheerleader for 4 years now.

So here’s a picture of Jenn and Fabiola to enjoy. Google them if you want more!
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