Friday, October 29, 2010

A couple of thoughts

• Lousaka Polite was asked the other day why the steelers are so good on defense. He gave a thoughtful response that their players are no better than anyone elses overall. Their schemes are good but they're not doing anything revolutionary. They just do it really well. They are well coached and follow their assignments. I found that to be a really good assessment and the fins could learn from that.

• Not to go back the fumble but Mike Beradino pointed out that the line judge who signalled TD - and missed the fumble altogether - is the same guy who last year missed the fumble on Sharpers TD return for the Saints against the dolphins. I guess there is nothing like making essentially the same mistake twice.

• I've heard a people suggest there's a bias against Miami. I generally discount that but I find it interesting that over the last few years when there's been a controversial call in a game that gets national attention the NFL will often make a rule change to ensure it doesn't happen again. And yet thus time they didn't.

• the Tuesday Morning QB this week wondered why it is that a player who covers the ball with his hands and has a knee on the ground is not considered down and therefore is awarded possession of a fumble - and instead a scrum ensues. Good thought.

• the fins have one rushing TD and 9 - can that be right?? - total TDs. Brandon Marshall has just one. Why isn't there more offense???

• Marshall has 42 catches which I never woulda guessed. Except for one catch where he went up high and caught it over the shoulder against the jets, there hasn't been anything memorable from him. Which I find surprising.
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