Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chad Henne

The guy still makes too many mistakes and is slow on reads and locks in on receivers.

Statistically he had a good day but at the end of the game - when Dierdorf suggested it was time for Chad to step up - he essentially failed.

He had a first down to work with at about the 20. A little over two minutes and no timeouts.

The first play was a run that I thought was a reasonable play call with poor execution.

Then they tried to go hurryup to get in another play before the 2 minute warning. They should have let the clock run down.

He hurried it under pressure and Hartline couldn't handle it.

So it's 3rd down and about 8 after the warning. Henne looks deep first and then checks down to Polite. I like Lousaka but to expect him to get 8 is too much. He gets 3.

It's 4th and 5 and the game is on the line. This had disaster written all over it. The steelers blitz. The fins have an ineffective playcall where most receivers are short of the first down.

Henne scrambles out and gets hit as he's throwing. The ball flutters to Harrison who doesn't make the catch - but whatever it's a turnover in any case.

Henne and the fins come up empty. And the fins are 0-3 at home.

A week or so ago I said I wasn't in favor of a QB change. But based on today's performance I think it's time to start warming up Thigpen. Get him more reps in practice because in a week or two I'll be calling for the team to bench Henne for Thigpen
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