Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bill Parcells

Reading the articles about Bill being ready to leave and fishing for a new job got me to thinking: has he actually helped the team?

I mean, the guy has been here for 2+ years, and he took a 1-15 franchise and inserted his own guys, and remade the roster (I think we're at about 70% new players).  And maybe the Cam team was just plain bad - or maybe it was mostly unlucky or somewhat uncoached.  Can we look at the results and say the 2010 team is *that* much better top-to-bottom than the 2007 team.

I just don't know.

And it will be interesting to see what happens if/when Parcells leaves.  If  Sparano is 9-7 this season, and therefore has a medicore overall record - is that a success?

And will Ross hire someone else who wants his own people?  Or does he stick with Ireland and Sparano?

Uncertain times are ahead for a team that ain't won nutin' since Reagan was president (okay they were in a championship game when GW Bush was president).  And almost every team in the AFC has been in a championship game in that span.  How is that possible??
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I've been wondering the same thing. Looking over the last few years, the only thing we've been suffering on has been special teams and our team gelling properly. We finally have an O-Line that can let R&R run and give Henne enough time to pass. Sure, he still needs work, but he's good enough for what we need. Nolan has completely turned around our Defense. Once we get our ST issues resolved, which hopefully firing Bono has done, we should better results.


Dave: you're right. If you look at the drafting/free agency moves made by the genius and his lackeys since 2008, well -- Matt Millen couldn't have done worse. Or Jimmy Johnson, whose regime and grandfathering in of incompetent lackeys, Parcell's reign (and departure) scarily resembles. From the arrogant, unpleasant Ireland to arguably the dumbest coach on the NFL sidelines -- a guy who can't count (i.e., the 2-pt. try in last year's 2nd Jets game, allowing them back into the game) to the 54 yard botch vs. NE. Simply unqualified. Examine Parcell's history --

1) Jake Long: very good, athletically limited LT. Not Blue Chip.
2) Merling: bust.
3) Henne: ???? The geniuses had no QB yet they took Merling over Henne in 2008.
4) V. Davis: Blue Chip potential.
5) S. Smith: lost starting job.
6) P. White: bust.
7) P. Turner: bust.
8) J. Odrick: ???? Undistinguished training camp.
9) K. Misi: Invisible against good OLs.
10) J. Jerry: already missed 2 game due to "illness." Hope mother sent note.
10) K. Langford: solid 3-4 DE.

Free Agency:

1) J. Smiley: bust.
2) J. Grove: bust.
3) G. Wilson: bust.
4) E. Wilford: bust.
5) R. Starks: 2009 Pro Bowl-type season. Invisible last 2 games.
6) B. Marshall: no brainer, elite player.
7) K. Dansby, no brainer, excellent player.

In 2008 the Parcells brain trust set about building an OL. It's 2010 and they have a very good LT, three journeymen(currently) in the middle and an unathletic, slow Wannstedt 1st round reach @RT.

I won't bring up special teams, that's a throw-up!

Look @ Dallas. Lots of "talent," invisible on the field. The Parcells magic.

This franchise has been jinxed since the execrable Huizenga booted Shula. Lackeyism, ethnic/religious cronyism (political corrrectness doesn't allow me to say more), regal arrogance -- the Parcells trademark.


were starving for a good coach and mostly a qback.as for parcells he just likes his pay ck.he has let to much talent go.ready to see if these guys realy want to win,because they can.poooor coaching year after year.been a dolfan from day 1.lets hope for the best ,they can win .