Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And so it begins

The Jets are 4-1, and ESPN this morning asked "are they living up to the hype?"  and naturally answered it as yes.

And I had some thoughts on that as well.

#1: now that the Jets are on the rise, that means that the Bills (4 superbowl appearances), Patriots (18-1 and a couple of other championships), the Colts (who were in the same division the last time Miami made it to the big dance, and have been at the top of their game for a while now) and now the Jets have all had their moment in the sun....and all since the last time the Dolphins were....relevant.  As a Dolphins fan, that sucks!

#2: The Jets, while talented, lack hubris.  The football gods like humble, and not bragging/boasting/etc.  I have to believe that their attitude will catch up with them, and the football gods will exact a form of 'punishment' (say a costly interception or missed field goal) at a point that matters.

And #3: this Jets team is talented,  and is pretty much better than the Dolphins position-by-position.  Sanchez is a better QB than Henne, hands down.  I think their group of receivers is better.  I'd argue that the running backs are better.  And certainly, their special teams are better. 

What I find interesting is that Brad Smith - who has been with them since '06 - is pretty much what the Dolphins were hoping to get out of Pat White (or at least what Dolphins fans were hoping to get out of him).  He can run the wildcat, he can catch, he can run, he can throw, and he can return kicks.  He played QB as Missouri, and took the same basic path that White did to get to the NFL.  And the Jets got a gem, and the Phins....well, I was going to say got a Lemon, but they had one of those, too, a couple of years ago. 

And as I say, as a Dolphins fan, this is frustrating!!
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