Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adventures in officiating

3rd and goal at the 2. Little time left, Miami leading by 2. Rothlisberger calls his own number and dives to the goal line.

Clemons hits him and the ball pops out. But Ben is lunging for the goal line and the official rules TD.

Sparano throws the challenge flag because it's his only option. Ya gotta take a shot.

But as the play was happening, I said to my friends that the officials essentially ruled the play dead when it was ruled a TD and didn't follow the play to conclusion. They *should have* continued to watch the action and ruled on the recovery. So here comes Alama-Francis out with the ball, but they didn't ever rule he had it.

In effect when Sparano threw the flag it was either going to be a TD or Pittsburgh ball at the spot of the foul.

And sure enough that's exactly what happened. It was clearly a fumble, but there was no ruling on the recovery. So the Steelers got one more shot at the one.

At the end of the day the officials blew the call by simply not letting the play conclude.
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After the Denver game a couple of years ago, they changed the rule and the whistle is not the determining factor in a play like this.

So we should have gotten the touchback because there were refs who said that we came up with the ball.

Instead the head ref, who lives in Pittsburgh, went against the rules.

Personally, I feel like a drunken girl at a bar and the refs are Ben Roethlisberger....