Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week #3 - the Jets

I think its obvious this week that Yeremiah "was a bullfrog" Bell has his picture hanging over the mantel at Wanker Hall.

Bell appeared to be confused by Mark Sanchez!  An established vet being confused by a rookie QB, yeah there's a guy who was trying too hard.

He was frequently out of position, and trying to do too much on his own.  He was in coverage on Keller's first TD, was a part of the double coverage on Keller's second TD, and was the deep help on Edward's TD.  So in effect, he was the coverage guy who allowed all three passing TDs.

Last year, the tight ends ate up Miami and we were blaming Wilson, Ayodele, and others.  This year, the tight ends are eating up Miami and those guys are gone and Bell is still here.  That would mean that Bell is a.....wanker!
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