Monday, September 06, 2010

The unkindest of cuts

The final roster cuts, and additions to the team are nothing short of perplexing. I can't make heads or tails out of them, and as of last night, neither could Curt or Chris at (you can listen to that conversation in my latest podcast ).

It would seem the Dolphins went totally with youth. They now have 1 11-year player (Pennington), 1 10-year vet (Ricky), 6 guys with 7 years, 5 with 6 years, and everyone else is 5 or under. To me, that is very, very peculiar.

And add to that the fact that David Martin was gobbled up by the Bills, Patrick Turner went to the Jets, and no fewer than 8 teams made a claim on Nate Ness (and he ultimately went to the Seahawks), and you have to wonder if they made the "right" choices.

I guess we'll see on Sunday...
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...Or maybe we won't.

If winning this Sunday was the Dolphins' highest priority, we'd be starting Chad Pennington and maybe even Jason Taylor this week. The Dolphins clearly think that their youth movement is the best investment for winning over the next 5 to 10 years, perhaps at the expense of a number of wins this year.

The Dolphins Triumvirate have seen a lot more hours of all the players that they let go than we have. Apparently, David Martin wasn't getting the same separation that he was in 2008. Nate Ness looks promising but evidently not promising enough relative to our other prospects. All of these personnel moves are just like the draft - there's a lot of educated guessing going on and we really won't know how good the decisions were for at least a year or two.

Go Dolphins!