Friday, September 03, 2010

That's just not right

"Big Ben" had his suspension reduced to 4 games.

Whatever happened to the tough stance?

Why would Goodell reduce it anyway?



  1. Paradise1:47 PM

    who cares, its not like he was convicted!

  2. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Doesn't matter if he was "convicted".... He's a s***bag that thinks he can do whatever he wants and gets away with it. Especially w/women. Ignorant! The matter here, Paradise, is that he VIOLATED THE CONDUCT POLICY AGAIN! And generally speaking, doing the SAME DARN THING! People should care, based on this topic.
    Hope you don't have a daughter out there, because I'm sure you'd think differently as a father. AND, then, as a fan of the sport. They get paid WAY WAY WAY too much money to do what they do and think they're above the law like these actions.

  3. Anonymous2:06 PM

    ....and being rewarded for behaving themselves for a few weeks and all is better/reducing the sentence?

    I agree with you, Dave. Estupido

  4. paradise2:41 PM

    I agree, he is a dirt bag. There are countless pro athletes who who have commited worst. To me no convictions, equals innocent. So.. a four game suspension is fair. Let he without sin cast the first stone!

  5. paradise2:44 PM

    OH, and if I had a daughter I hope she would not put herself in a position to have sex in a nightclubs bathroom!

  6. The fact that he wasn't convicted is part of my point. The commish decided on a 6-game suspension simply because he violated the personal conduct clause, and offered up an opportunity to lessen it.

    Why would he make such an offer?

    And what of guys like Hill who was arrested, had the charges dropped but admitted guilt - and yet still hasn't received a suspension?

  7. paradise5:34 PM

    "The commish decided on a 6-game"
    Actually: the sentence was 6 games that could be reduce to 4 with good behavor and other steps.