Thursday, September 02, 2010

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Ben Rothlisberger will meet with the commish today to discuss his 6-game suspension.  He is expected to ask Goodell to reduce the suspension to 3 games, and a member of the Rooney family will be in attendance to try and plea the case.

Goodell had originally said he might reduce it to *4* games if Ben was a good citizen.  I'll be curious to see how the often heavy handed Goodell responds to this one.  Rothlisberger has been implicated several times in assaults on women, and I believe that the suspension should stand as-is no matter what.   But Ben's a star, and as such, he'll get preferential treatment - I have no doubt.

Now, there's another guy we should talk about here.  He's the Seahawks linebacker LeRoy Hill.  He physically attacked his girlfriend in the spring, was arrested, and was told to stay away from the off-season conditioning programs.  Goodell said he'd review the case and decide later.

But then he was arrested on another charge - marijuana possession - and was suspended for the season opener.

Months have passed, and Hill was allowed to attend training camp.  And now he's injured and will miss several weeks.

Still no word from Goodell.  The investigation has dragged on because police can't find the woman to get her to testify; and he recently decided to take a diversion program that will avoid jail.

So....Ben was never charged with a crime, but was convicted in the court of public opinion and IMMEDIATELY got a 6 game suspension, which will likely be reduced.  Meanwhile Hill was arrested and charged, and admitted guilt with the diversion program and still has no consequence with the NFL for a more heinous crime.  But he gets suspended for 1 game for his misdemeanor.

Does Goodell's system make ANY sense at all?
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Dave I love you and all but Im not sure raping two women is exactly less heinous behavior.


Gotcha Igor. My point was that he was *accused* of rape. While Hill actually beat up his girlfriend.

It was not my intent to compare the crimes themselves, rather the after effects.

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Dave, don't forget that this the second time that Ben has been accused of rape. He is doing something wrong and needs a wakeup call.Not sure about Hill's past misdeed.


So much for innocent until proven guilty...but we've been a constitution-free zone for a while now, so no surprise. (and yes, i know that the constitution only applies to governmental action and the nfl can do what it wants, my point was we only give lip service to the concept of innocent-until-proven-guilty.)

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I don't think "good citizen" should be an excuse to lessen the punishment. It sends a bad message. I'm not discounting what Hill did. There should be some reprocussions from this from the league, but none at this time. I'm tired of hearing about game suspensions being lessened because that player was behaving FINALLY for a few weeks. Let it go, it is what it is. But, that's what I think. What he's done to women is unacceptable! No to Ben....


Very interesting discussion. I'd agree that no matter the crime - whether the player is just guilty of transgressions that violate their "personal conduct" clause or arrested for an offense, they need to be held accountable in a consistent manner.

"Tme off for good behavior" shouldn't be an option.

And I think the NFL and the NFLPA need to come up with an effective plan that makes sense, is consistent, and doesn't directly contradict a person's basic rights (ie, innocent until proven guilty).