Monday, September 06, 2010

Roster cuts and the draft

A lot was made of the Phins dropping two players from last year's draft that were high draft picks.  But the reality is that this is not that uncommon.  Partly, this has to do with the pressure that's put on the team and the draft picks because of the salary they get just for having been drafted in that position.  But that's another discussion.

Right now, let's take a look back at the drafts dating back to 2005, to see how those players have fared to today:

We start with Saban's 1st draft, where 67% of the players are no longer on the roster:
Ronnie Brown - the incumbent
Matt Roth DE - cut
Channing Crowder OLB - solid contributor
Travis Daniels CB - long gone
Anthony Alabi T - longer gone
Kevin Vickerson DT - longest gone

Saban's second draft: (85% gone)
Jason Allen DB - special teams contributor, may start
Derek Hagan WR - gone
Joseph Toledo T - gone
Fred Evans DT -gone
Rodrique Wright DT - gone
Devin Aromashodu WR - gone
Overall, that means that 75% of Saban's draft picks are no longer with team

Of course, Cam only had one draft, and 80% of his players are gone
Ted Ginn Jr. WR -gone
John Beck QB - gone
Samson Satele C - gone
Lorenzo Booker RB - gone
Paul Soliai DT - solid contributor
Reagan Mauia FB - gone
Drew Mormino C - gone
Kelvin Smith LB - gone
Brandon Fields P - solid punter
Abraham Wright LB - gone

And now for the Triumverate:

Ireland's first: ([edit: 55%] gone or on IR)
Jake Long T - probably the team MVP
Phillip Merling DE - on IR
Chad Henne QB - the starter
Kendall Langford DE - solid contributor
Shawn Murphy G - gone
Jalen Parmele RB - gone
Donald Thomas G - gone
Lex Hilliard RB - decent reserve
Lionel Dotson DE - gone

Ireland's second: (44% gone)
Vontae Davis DB - solid starter
Pat White QB - gone
Sean Smith DB - decent player, may start
Patrick Turner WR - gone
Brian Hartline WR - starter
John Nalbone TE - made team
Chris Clemons DB - starter
Andrew Gardner T - gone
J.D. Folsom LB - gone

This year's draft: (38% did not make team, or are on IR)
Jared Odrick DT - likely starter
Koa Misi DE - made team
John Jerry OT - likely starter
A.J. Edds LB - on IR
Nolan Carroll CB - made team
Reshad Jones SS - made team
Chris McCoy DL  - gone
Austin Spitler LB - gone
And that means that Ireland overall has 46% of his draftees who are no longer on the team.  That's not spectacular, either, but is fairly consistent with the NFL (okay, its on the lower end, but its typical)
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To be fair McCoy and Spitler are on the practice squad so there is some hope for them.


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i love the direction their going and the drafts, but this is kind of unfair to the older picks. There's a much greater chance the guys from 4 years ago are no longer with the team compared to the guys from this years draft. For example, Roth and Ginn were both on the team for a few years. It's impossible to compare them to a guy like Reshad Jones. Who knows if he'll be on the team as long as those guys were. They're not going to give up on early picks from this years draft that quickly. Factoring the last couple drafts into the calculation and comparing that to past regimes is just not fair.


You're generally right that comparing players from previous coaches isn't entirely fair. But, these are all NFL-caliber players who (by all rights) should still be with their (or maybe any?) team 5 years out.

Most of them are not anywhere to be found (save a few guys from this and last year).

From a team perspective, that's not so good...

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Irelands 1st draft 5 of 9 on IR or gone. Isn't that 55%? How do we get 67%?


good catch. I must have included someone who I thought was cut. My bad.

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This years draft was one of the best quality drafts I have ever seen by any team. I think you have to balance it out over the years. If you selected 2 pro bowlers and the follow up with quality it will add to success, but you have to be consistent. Last year was NOT a good one. With Ray Mauluga (spell) sitting there I was already looking for his jersey, but we selected Vonte. So this year we pay ILB 59 million. Don't forget the financial factor!