Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ricky Williams the Dolphins player rep

Greg Camarillo was the player's rep with the NFLPA.

When Camarillo was traded, Ricky Williams assumed the role.  He's optimistic and believes that the two sides will come to an agreement before there's a lockout.  

And he also discussed this week how the players would like the fans in holding up a finger (not the middle one) to show solidarity with the players - and he's right a lockout would be bad for us, too.

Interestingly, several teams voted to decertify the league on Friday, and more are expected to do so this week.  For those of you who don't know, decertification would mean there is no longer a union representing the players, but they still would have an association that would be able to negotiate on their behalf.  It would also mean that the players could directly sue the owners - the belief is that this will help force the issue with the owners, because they don't want to fend out many individual suits. [editor's note: Dave is not a labor attorney, but we believe these facts are accurate, please comment if you know otherwise]

We'll see how this works out.
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wow, I know i give you a hard time on virtually everything you put up on your site, but this almost looks worthy of reading.

I have to give you a hearty congrats.

normally your site is the website equivalent of the nfls 3 yards and a cloud of dirt.

2 lines and a cloud of shit..

but this actually isn't horrible.

if you keep it up, i might have to keep my trap closed.