Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick stats

Brown and WIlliams said they'd both like to get to 1,000 this season.  Brown had 65, Williams 62.  You need to average about 62 yards a game to get to 1,000, so good start.
Stephen Ross referred to Henne as the next Marino, the Palm Beach Post expected him to be more like Fiedler.  His 182 yards passing with no TDs and no picks seems more "caretaker" like than "worldbeater" like to me.
CJ Spiller was held in check, with 7 carries for 6 yards.
Dansby, Misi, and Wh came up with big sacks.
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henne did great last year, he'll do fine this year, every QB has down games.

spiller had 7 for 6 and an average of 0.9 ypc..
think bills fans are whining to cut or trade him?

no, because unlike many of my fellow dolphins fans, they aren't bitches.