Monday, September 13, 2010

Preseason game #5: the one that counts

The Phins and Bills collided in what can best be described as in the headline.  Miami wasn't looking so hot after the actual preseason, and Buffalo, well, they're pretty bad with a new coach and a ton of new players.  And Trent Edwards hasn't looked great in his career thus far.  And, to top it off, the game was not a scinitllating affair by any stretch. 
Miami has lost 4 out of the last 5 in Buffalo, and has gone 0-2 under Sparano to open seasons, so I had my doubts about their ability to start off on the right foot.
The Phins got in two good drives in the first half leading to both of their scores, and otherwise didn't do much.  The Bills never mounted much of a drive, but did get a couple of scores.  Miami later tacked on another figgie, and you're looking at a 13-10 game.  But a nice downing of the ball by Jason Allen at the 1 left Buffalo in a tough spot.
They wound up taking an intentional safety, and were - I think - going to try the long odds, next-to-impossible-to-pull-off on side safety punt.  They got one setup, but Sparano called timeout, and they instead kicked it away, since they had shown their hand.

So Miami wins it 15-10, having opened their playbook a little more.
But, I can understand why they didn't because this is preseason and these are the Bills; you don't want to show too much to your regular season opponents.
At least they're 1-0 to start this season!
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