Monday, September 06, 2010

Preseason awards

The winners of the preseason awards for 2010 are....(drum roll)

Guy with the best name: Nate Ness. I kept thinking of the Loch Ness montser whenever I heard about him. And I couldn't help but imaging Nessie out there playing football!

The Yatil Green award (as exemplified by Will Poole) - for the person who gets injured early in training camp: Phillip Merling was in trouble with the law, and then went down with an injury before camp even started. There were several other guys vying for the award, but he gets the nod for doing it first.

The Thurman Thomas award - for losing one's helmet during the preseason: it wasn't a helmet, but it was on his head...Kendall Langford's loss of a $50,000 earring during a late practice I think qualifies. So congrats to him.

Best cheerleader moment: There weren't any memorable moments, but I wanted an excuse to include a picture from tryouts.

And our preseason MVP: wow, with the performances we had, I guess it goes to field goal kicker Dan Carpenter who at least was consistent and hit a long one.
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