Monday, September 27, 2010

Out with the with the new

Here's the summary of how the displaced players performed compared with the new guys:
Wake had a decent day.  Misi didn't do much.  JT recorded a sack and got booed, and got a gatorade shower.  J-Peasy got a forced fumble and a sack.  Advatange to the old guys.
Greg Camarillo had two catches.  Marlon Moore had zip.  Small advantage to Camarillo.
And on kick returns, well, the Phins parted ways with their new guy (Smith) and instead used Cobbs and Bess, who were okay.  Better than Smith anyway.  Ted Ginn, jr, did not play.  So advantage to the newer phins.
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What about Brian Hartline & Davone Bess, who replaced Greg Camarillo? You can't say Marlon Moore replaced him. Greg was the #2 or the #3 at least last year. Marlon is #4 at best. Plus Hartline & Bess had a great day. What about Brandon Marshall?


My thought was that Bess and Hartline were here last year, and if Camarillo stayed, its hard to say if he would have been 2,3, or 4. So, I was just looking at the guy who took his roster spot as a simple comparison.

Absolutely, Bess and Hartline had huge days!

And as for Marshall, there is no comparison with anyone who's been here for the last decade!


Worst call ever. Dolphins were inside the 10 possibly inside the 5 yard line. They throw on 2nd and 3rd down instead of running. Thouchdown puts us in the lead. Instead we settle for a field goal and are down 1. Worst coaching call of the game. What's up with that