Friday, September 24, 2010

One followup comment

The team has been telling us for years that they "explored every possibility" to make the field football-only and that it "just wasn't possible" to do...

Bring in a new owner, and suddenly its possible and they can do it one night?

I think we've been lied to!!!

I suspect it was a matter of cost more than anything, and maybe what they meant was its "not cost effective to do"...
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Ranadicus DeleteReply

Can sod really take root in four days? I mean take root enough to withstand NFL football. Either we've been lied to or we're going to have the most awesome divots ever!!!!

Anonymous DeleteReply

Yer such an idiot dave.
this site is pure and utter worthless BS.
I can't believe links to some idiot who tries to make non stories funny.
It wouldn't be so bad if you were in any way humorous, but it's very like baby just figired out how to make a website and we get this shitfest as a result.


Pure and utter BS? I disagree. Sure, its not specifically team related, but it is of general interest.

You’re entitled to your opinion, and as always, feel free to post a comment.

I would just ask that you watch your language, as I try to keep this site PG.

Anonymous DeleteReply

my bad.
Your website is a turd-fest.


Yes. Thank you.

Ohhhh new promotional material: “Rated 'a turd fest' by an anonymous wanker!” Sweet.