Monday, September 06, 2010

My prediction

I think the Dolphins will be in the 8-8 or 9-7 range. The games against the east opponents being the difference. And I think 9-7 is good enough to win the division this year...
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This is all making me sick…NO ONE is “churning” other teams rejects as much as we are…there can NOT be a serious thought to making the playoffs when you are changing a roster so bad…with people I have NEVER even heard of! If our draft picks are cut, and we are picking up undrafted people, what does that really say about their ability to run a draft at all?? Seems like these moves are impulsive and made out of fear….i dont know what goes on, dont pretend to be a GM, but over the last week you can NOT tell me we are a better team than we were before the cuts started….starting to tire of all the stupid moves, picking up players we never heard of, while others pick up quality players with a PROVEN track record. Would TJ Housh really not be a good fit here?? Charles Grant really played himself off this team?? I just dont get it anymore…