Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Mark Higgs interview

I wanted to make a couple of personal comments about this interview. First, and foremost, Mark was a guy I looked up to in his playing days because he was short by NFL standards - and so am I. :)

But more than that, he seemed like a pretty good guy back in the day, and I always wanted to meet him. When the opportunity presented itself to do an interview, I was ready.

And he didn't disappoint. I thought he was pretty interesting. He tells some good tales of what it was like to be a running back behind Dan Marino, and gives a glimpse behind the curtain just a little. His comments about Bryan Cox are instant classics.

Plus, he played for Tom Landry, Buddy Ryan, and Don Shula which gives him some unique perspective on what it was like to play for different legendary (at least two of them) coaches.
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