Sunday, September 19, 2010

Live update: the second half

In the second half miami started with ball and - in a word - dominated. They pushed Minnesota around for nearly 5 minutes...but they only made it midfield. Still I liked what I saw from the offense once again.

But no matter as Cameron Wake dashed around the lineman and swatted the ball away from Favre. Saaaaweeet as Misi recovered it in the endzone for a safety/td (so called because Mike Carey laughed as he corrected himself). 14-0 in Minnesota. Can that be right?

The Vikings then got a drive going. On one key play, Soliai was grabbed and I'm thinking - what does it take to get a holding call?

Jason Allen came with a huge pick at the 1 ... But Ricky fumbled it. He's the leading candidate to be wanker of the week.

In spite of a nice play by Dansby on 1st down, AP scored on the next play.

So Miami does nada and the Vikings, well Petersen, drives it down Miami's throat. And very oddly they were aided by two 12 men on the field penalties ... and of course a very homer friendly spot on 4th down.

If there's a silver lining it's that the Vikings only got a fieldgoal.

Sheesh. Miami could do nothing. Favre underthrew a ball and Jason Allen came up with his 2nd pick. But then on the next play a new candidate for wanker emerged in the form of Ronnie Brown. And the net result was the Vikings were now 30 yards closer.

But again Miami's defense came up big with a goal line stand that left the Vikings a yard short.

The fins tried to run out the clock but couldn't. You had to wonder about the decision to pass on third down stopping the clock.

And so you had Favre on the field with a minute and a half left and 60 yards to go. Did he have a comeback left in the tank? No.

And that was that. 14-10 Miami.

And Miami is two and oh!!!

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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

We're fortunate that Minnesota twice went for it on 4th down and failed instead of kicking the FG. Now I grant you we probably would have played the game different had those occurred. I'll take it.

The Dolphins aren't helping my acid reflux this season....