Sunday, September 19, 2010

Live update: first half

The Vikings looked almost unstoppable, with some nice passes by Brett Favre, and a some nifty running by AP. But. They faced 4th and 2 at the Dolphins 27, and Brad Childish decided to go for it. Its a little inexplicable, because its only a 44-yard figgie, but Favre had the hot hand.

Knockdown by Starkes, and the Dolphins take over. There was a beaut of a pass to Marshall down the field, then a series of wildcat plays to get it in close. There was nearly calamity as Henne threw it wide of Marshall, and it might have been a pick 6 most times...But finally, Henne hit Hartline for a score in the corner of the endzone, and voila, its 7-0. That was the Dolphins offense I had been hoping to see!

A bit later, the Vikings had a sweet looking drive that took the ball inside the 10. The Favre threw a pass to Percy Harvin. It was truly a hilight reel moment. Harvin tipped it, Vontae tipped it. It was up in the air for a bit, then each of them hit it again, and Davis cradled it, and got up and ran. After review, he was ruled down at the 1. A fantastic play took the ball up to near midfield - some great blocking sprung Ronnie...but alas, the drive bogged down, and the Dolphins did little more than push the Vikings back - way back - from where they were.

And that was the first half

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