Sunday, September 26, 2010

lest we forget...

Fat man said the Jets will go 2-0 against the Dolphins this season.
Time to make him eat more than just that double bacon cheeseburger, and get him to eat his words.
BTW - Darrelle Revis was listed as OUT on Friday's official report, which means that under NFL rules he can not play in tonight's game; the injury report on Friday is binding when it comes to players listed as out.
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I guess nobody remembers the white handkerchiefs. You want Orange? Allright. Bring out the Orange handkerchiefs.


Actually that is the rule, although a team could elect to play someone and get fined. Teams can update the injury report on Saturday, but it is not designed to move players from OUT to another status.

And now for my own rule change. No more hiding behind anonymous posts. You must register.


Now as for white hankies, that was a lot of fun!!!