Thursday, September 23, 2010


I am not one to forgive and forget in cases like JT. He made a conscious decision to go to "the enemy" and play for them.

Sure he didn't have another offer on the table at that time. But sometimes you have to be patient.

And yes you can spin it to make it mostly Parcells' fault.

But it's my right to discount what Taylor did in Miami and think he never belongs in the ring of honor here. Heck to some extent he discounted what he did here as well.

And if I want to boo him, I will. Go ahead. Call me am idiot. I know I am not the only person who feels this way.


  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    JT is an overrated piece of _______!
    I never liked him because he was/is the worst LB when it comes to stopping the run, and it takes him forever to pressure the QB.
    His next BIG hit will be his first.
    He is a better dancer than a football player.
    Watch Jake beat the crap out of him Sunday!

  2. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Marino could have left and played for the Vikings but he said that he was a Miami boy and that he rather retire than hurt the fans and his heart wouldnt let him leave etc. Bryan Cox left BUT he hated the BILLS like J Taylor hated the Jets. Cox would have never played for the Bills. Are you starting to see the picture here? JT WAS OFFERED A FN CONTRACT AND HE TURNED IT DOWN PERIOD. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Zach Thomas was not happy with the decesion either and i can pretty much bet that JT could have signed else where as the sticking Jets wont be winning a GD Championship anytime soon. If i ever get rich enough to buy the Dolphins I would take his freaking name off my ring of honor as he is the biggest yellow belly traitor MIAMI HAS EVER HAD. I could care less what he did for 12 years with Miami. If I want to think about the all time greats, i rahter think about the folks that loved Miami and hated the JETS. If JT would have signed with the bills or pats, it would not have been that bad. You are rich, want to be a actor and then win a superbowl ring with a team that is one of the worste franchises and fans in the nfl?? I rather be rich, happy, etc and retire a PHIN then to ever be associated with a JET. FUCK JT I HOPE HE BREAKS HIS NECK.


  3. Anonymous3:40 PM

    So let me get this straight..If the Stinking Jets win a SB (which means all the other NFL teams just falls off the face of the earth) Jason Traitor would get to look at that ugly pile of shit on his finger? I mean are you serious? Why would you want to have a reminder of the JETS on your finger? People that support this drama dumb ass are not real Dolphin Fans and you need to wake up if you are feeling all sad about this punks ass. No REAL Dolphin would EVER do what he has done. I hope the crowd boos his ass all night long.

  4. Well, I suppose if he won a SB ring with the Jets and put the ring on his middle finger, that would be appropriate!

  5. Anonymous4:12 PM

    The only way the jest and JT will see the Super Bowl is if they buy tickets!
    The jest won't make the playoffs this year.
    JT is SCUM!

  6. I will BOO him with you. He's a Jet, I always Boo the Jets. F him.