Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dolphins fans had to love the jets-ravens game last night. The jets are 0-1.

And the pompous, arrogant, self proclaimed chumps had some great moments:
-They had more yards in penalties than offense
-Cromartie had more penalties than children
-Edwards got called for running into the kicker; he should have been called for "the pull and shoot" for the way he used his teammate for leverage when jumping
-JT was a total non-factor
-Sanchez had like 60 yards passing
-Revis island? Where's that?
-Rex had a couple of moments like when he punted deep in Baltimore territory
-the tight end ran out of bounds a yard short on NYs last play
-the team managed 9 points in their first game in the new stadium

Ahhh yes. It was a fun game to watch.
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And watching kris jenkins out for the season was the cherry on the cake. Now eat that cake rex big mouth ryan. Lmao

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I loved watching the Jets lose, but it is just one game. They lost against a stout Ravens team, the Dolphins squeaked by a very weak Bills team. I wouldn't celebrate anything yet.