Friday, September 03, 2010

In sum

The second half of the game was markedly better than the first.  There was some excitement, and a fair amount of effort put forth by the reserves.

It seemed clear to me that the reserves were playing hard and *wanted* to win.  They put it on the line.

Sure, in the end Miami fell 27-25.  But at least they were trying. 

I liked what I saw from Marlon Moore, Paul Soliai, Corey Proctor, Roberto Wallace, Charles Grant, Micah Johnson, and Nate Ness in particular.  The only locks to make Miami's team are Moore and Soliai, but I suspect the rest will wind up on someone's team - or at least on a practice squad.

But as in the first half I expected more.  While there were a couple of sustained drives, and it did come down to the wire, the offense looked erratic, and Tyler Thigpen was downright bad. Okay, he had a few good plays, but I think his negative plays overshadowed the good ones. Good thing he's the #3! Meanwhile, the defense let too much happen for the Cowboys.

Nolan Carroll didn't have much opportunity to handle returns as most of the kicks were deep into the endzone.  But at least there were no big breakdowns.

So, is there cause for concern?  I'd say yes.  I'm not convinced this team is ready for primetime.  I think they're a work in progress, which is NOT what I wanted to see this offseason.  Don't give me the jibber jabber that they're still building, or they're young, or whatever. 

As I stated during the offseason:

I think the Dolphins were pretty well validated based on the games and outcomes today.  They beat the Jets twice, and narrowly lost to the Colts; they had the Saints on the ropes....

And that leads me to this: I'm setting an expectation for next year based on what I saw.  I expect the Dolphins to HOST the AFC championship game next season.
Anything less would be a huge disappointment. 
You hear that coach Sparano?  Its time to make it happen!

Lofty goal?  Yes.

But its what I expect, and lets see if this team can live up to it.  It doesn't appear to me that they made what amount to the right moves to make it so, but here's to hoping I'm wrong!

Buffalo awaits, and I guess that's when we'll know something about this team for certain.
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