Sunday, September 26, 2010

I hate the network "rules"

This week, the early games on TV were the Cowboys-Texans and Titans-Giants.  Both were essentially blowouts, while close, hard fought matches were being played in other cities that the networks could have switched to.  They didn't.
When the Giants game ended, they switched to the end of the Bills-Patriots 8-point contest, but all we saw were kneel downs.
When the Texans game ended, they went to commercial, and came back to "wrap it up" then went to the studio.  Meanwhile, you had what appeared to be a pretty good game going on in New Orleans.  The tying score was made *after* the Texans game ended, but we weren't shown that.
But they did send us to it as OT started.  Only, the rules are that they have to stop coverage at 4:15.  At about 4:14, the Saints lined up for a field goal.  My biggest fear was that they'd cut away right then.  But they didn't...and the Saints kicker missed.  And now its after 4:15, so back to the studio they went.
Man did that suck.
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