Sunday, September 26, 2010

Half numero dos

Miami starts a drive, and uh-oh, Ricky fumbles (again!!!) except that its overturned on review (thankfully!!)....the drive stays alive, Miami gets something going - and going well - using a nice mix of run, pass, and wildcat.  And Brandon Marshall catches a pass at the 7 and dekes and ducks into the endzone.  Beautimous.
I was gonna make a comment about how we haven't seen the drunk (Edwards) to this point; I think they were waiting for him to sober up.  Then, he gets the first play after the kickoff and goes the distance.  BTW, Jason Allen was in coverage and did slip on the newly sodded area of the field.
No worries though, as we learned what Marshall does well....and its something that Ted Ginn, Jr could never do: go up and make the tough catch.  They get down as far as the one, but have to settle for a field goal.
And then there was more poor tackling on display.   But at least no points were scored.  I was amused that they played "Fins to the Left" as they went to commercial after a nice play by Cameron Wake....
After the troubles they had with the punting game in the preseason, and the fact that they were matched up against Mike Westhoff, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that the Jets would block one, should I?  Naturally it led to a score, in spite of the Jets' own ineptitude.  Miami had to try hard to let them off the hook!
Its 24-20, Jets.
Miami did nada, but pinned the Jets deep.  Jason Allen appeared to come away with a pick, but actually didn't.  Too bad, that woulda been a game changer.
Miami had another chance, but Brandon Marshall fell down on the newly sodded portion of the field as well.  Still, a field goal here is good.
But then the defense decides to let the Jets use up the clock, on something like a 7 minute drive that could have ended several times.  But didn't.  Langford had what should have been an easy pick.  Jason Allen misplayed a ball.  And there was a pass interference that Collinsworth went on about - "its the right call, he never turned his head."  Except that was BOGUS because he did turn and played the ball well.  If anything, it should have been offensive interference...It was basically a disaster....
31-23 is where it stood with just under two minutes left.  Miami with just under 70 yards to go.  They got a couple of fantastic plays and wound up at about the 10.  There's still a came down to 4th and 4 at the 7.  Could Miami pull this one out?  Of course not.
The Jets win, and there are three teams at 2-1 in the division.
Let's be honest with ourselves here: we can deal with the Fins losing and being 2-1...just not to these wankers.
Ahhh well.  Life goes on.
BTW, I am reminded that I predicted the teams in the east would beat each other up all season and someone would win it at 9-7.  And so far, that seems to be true.
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