Sunday, September 26, 2010

The first half...

So how is it that you let the Jets have a 6 minute drive that ends in a TD to start the game? And you let them off the hook several times on third-and-long?  Yeremiah Bell got dusted for the TD, but he also had a key non-play earlier in the drive: Sanchez looked at his receiver the whole stinking time, and as the pressure mounted, he threw to *that* guy.  Bell was in coverage, but could do nothing about it.
Then Miami goes three and out.  Tremendous start.
Trade a few punts, and the Jets actually move the ball a little; the Dolphins not so much.  There's a sack by JT (boo!).  And then the Jets get the ball back a few plays later.  It's second and long, and Chris Clemons has a stupid play where he hits the receiver, who clearly couldn't make the catch, and the Jets are in good position again.  Momentum swings their way, and they score again.  14-0.
Crap.  Miami's in trouble.
Then, Miami got moving.  They got a GREAT play into Davone Bess at the sidelines that was clearly out of bounds, but Miami was smart enough to get to the line quickly and get another play off.  And they were lucky enough to get away with a Williams fumble on said play.  The drive kept going...and Henne found Fasano for a score!  A 7-point deficit, I can deal with that...
On the ensuing kickoff what was #27 (Benny Sapp) doing, exactly?  He didn't, technically, make an attempt to make a play.  The Jets got great field position.  Nevertheless, Miami held off the Jets for that series.
Miami got the ball back and managed to generate a drive that was good enough, and ended in a field goal.  The Jets got one more shot at it, and Miami's tackling was not so good, and that gave the Jets the chance at a long field goal.
So the half winds down with Miami trailing 14-10.  Could be worse, I suppose.

And Miami gets the ball to start half number two....
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