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Dave's thoughts on: Miami Dolphins fans catching games on their couches

The Sentinel had a pretty good writeup about the Dolphins - and the rest of the NFL - have an uphill battle for selling tickets, at least in part because of the evolution of HD.

And I'd say I have to agree.  As many of you know, I was a season ticket holder for many years.  I love the Phins, and there was nothing better than being there on gameday.  There was a certain intimacy to the game back when the team played at the Orange Bowl, and the whole experienced changed when they moved to JRS - but it was still amazing to see Marino tossing footballs in the stadium.

But over time, the product on the field wasn't as good.  And meanwhile ticket prices went up.  At some point, my friends and I all had a realization that the tailgate was better than the game itself - in terms of the fun factor and the "value"...

And there was this little twist: a friend of ours loved to tailgate, and so he would come out and just do that.  He was an Eagles fan, and didn't care for the Dolphins, but he loved being out at the game.  So, he brought a generator, a few TVs, and his DirecTv hookup.  And he'd watch all the games from the parking lot.  And some of my other friends would sometimes skip the game and hang with him.

It was the ultimate experience.  The tailgate AND watching all the games on TV.

As I've gotten older, I've had more going on in my life.  It gets harder and harder to give up an entire Sunday 8 times a year to see a football game - nevermind the cost.

It is a heck of a lot better to sit at home and enjoy the game for a couple of hours, at literally no cost.

So that brings me around to the CBA and where the NFL goes from here.  If they are having trouble selling out games, how can the owners justify the stance they're taking and continue to want more money? 

The NFL really can't just decide to make their product pay-per-view only, either, for many reasons, not the least of which is because of the protections they enjoy in congress because of their national TV contracts.  If that were to change, that would bring other problems.

So the only choice is to try and bring other fans to the stadium.  Who says they all have to be "football fans"?

Miami Dolphins fans catching games on their couches

Season ticket sales up, but luring fans to games still tough

By Sarah Talalay, Sun Sentinel

September 24 2010, 7:25 PM EDT

The Miami Dolphins' ad campaign this season is encouraging fans to "Join the Party" at Sun Life Stadium, where the team hosts its 2010 home opener Sunday night against the rival New York Jets.

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To achieve balance you really need both game day and home viewing. Both have their advantages and its easy to hang at home and be a couch potato. Life won't always come to you and to experience life is better than to view life passing by without the smells, screaming and emotions of high fives from strangers sharing your experience. I love my direct ticket package but won't give up my prime game day tickets anytime soon as the JRS is one of the great places to tailgate.

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It all depends on where you're sitting. I used to get free "nosebleed seats" whenever I wanted them, but stopped going after a few games. The experience is terrible - too many obnoxious visiting fans and home fans who don't know how to act.

Now that I have great seats in the lower bowl I wouldn't miss it for the world. You can see a lot more and don't have to worry about some idiot throwing something or spilling beer down your back. HD is great, but nothing beats being there...

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congrats on posting more than two sentences and a cloud of crap.
Keep it up and this site won't suck so bad

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The owners should take that stance. if you owned a business with declining revenue. would you continue to lose money or cut back on expenses?

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If I lived in Miami I would go to a few games a year, but the cost is just ridiculous. They need to bring down the ridiculous player salaries, and make the stadium tickets, food, and events more affordable. An average family cannot afford to go to a game.


i do not live in miami but love dolphins...