Thursday, September 09, 2010

comings and goings (and a thought)...

I hear they've put in a revolving door at the team facility, all the better to allow players to quickly enter and exit.
Yesterday, they signed a kick returner, and got rid of one of the no-experience offensive linemen
Today, they cut last year's starting center - Jake Grove - because he's "injury prone" and re-signed Corey Proctor. 

That's fine, and all, but just what is going over at Dolphins camp?
All three interior starters from game one in '09 are no longer with the team. as for the comment, I want to go back to when Stephen Ross took over the team.  Rumors were abundant that Bill Parcells might step down.  And then, just before the season, Ross re-did Parcells' contract to let him go whenever.  In a statement, Parcells said something about the fact that he would never step down on the eve of the season, because it might be distracting to the team.
And then he did just that this year.
But what's peculiar about it is that they made a statement at all.  If "nothing changes" then why even bother to mention it?  Just leave it as the status quo, and sometime late in the season when someone asks about Bill, they could simply say "Jeff's in charge, has been for some time."
Oh, and then there's this nugget of info.  Apparently, no one other than Parcells and Ireland (and Ross?) knew about this transition plan.  It came as a shock to pretty much everyone in Davie (team operations) and at the stadium (non-team functions).  So it was planned but ultra top secret.
As Jim Mandich might say "I put it to my nose, and it doesn't smell too rosey."
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