Saturday, September 04, 2010

Coach wants to see you...and bring your playbook

That's the line that's often uttered by "The Turk" (that is, the guy who is assigned to deliver the message to players that they've been cut).

So far, we've heard about:
ILB J.D. Folsom
DL Ryan Baker
CB Kevin Hobbs
OT Andrew Gardner
DE Lionel Dotson
DT Montavious Stanley
OL Andrew Hartline

QB Pat White
G Donald Thomas
WR Patrick Turner

The real surprise here is Donald Thomas who was "the guy" before he was injured in his rookie season - but started most of last year.

The Dolphins have to cut 22 in total, so look for more to come.

By the way, you may be wondering where "The Turk" comes from. I was unable to find anything conclusive, but there are two possibilities:

(1) The NFL started using "Turk" because of the Turkish soldiers of the 17th and 18th century and their long, curved scimitars. It's a wonderful visual. Beware the Turk. He comes late at night, armed with a long, curved sword that he'll used to cut you from the team! "

and (2) In the 18th century there a mechanical man seated behind a wooden cabinet. The Turk, as it became known, was fashioned from wood, powered by clockwork, and dressed in a stylish Turkish costume. Most astonishing of all, it was capable of playing chess. People wondered about its magical powers; it moved without strings or wires...much like the mechanical magic man who brings the bad news to players.
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I'd ask the coach, "don't you have your own play book?"

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No official word on Spitler, though I heard he was cut. Still waiting for the rest...


I'd ask the coach, "don't you have your own play book?"

-- that's funny!