Sunday, August 01, 2010

The QB position

At this point, it appears as though Chad Henne is your starter.  But remember that Chad Pennington was given a contract that rewards him if he manages to become the starter.  

There are two ways to look at this: It would be a sizeable pay increase meaning that its unlikely that the Phins expect him to reach it.  But, if you read between the lines, it would appear that Pennington has effectively been told there is a chance he could regain the starting spot.  Of course, he's said publicly he'd like to be a starter here - or elsewhere.  And really, his contract is only for one year, so it confuses matters more.

There is the mitigating factor of his rehab.  The plan was to have him start off this year as the #3, and possibly on the PUP, thus allowing time to rehab...and for the other guys not look over their shoulders.  But during the first couple of days of camp, Pennington was out there throwing like everyone else.  So much for needing rehab.

Then, the Dolphins did something unexpected and signed another QB (he reports Monday).  This guy was an undrafted FA, so I don't expect much more of him than to come in and be another arm in camp and maybe find a spot on the practice squad.  

I would assume that Henne and Pennington will be two of the QBs on the roster.  Where does that leave Pat White - who by all accounts looks more "with it" - and Tyler Thigpen?  One of them almost certainly will not be on the roster on opening day.

And one of the three QBs will be designated the #3 guy.

At this point, who that is is anyone's guess...  
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which ever one is better in the wildcat will be #2 and Penny will be #3 or even PUP and work as a coach. Either way he's wearing the headset and calling in the plays to Henne.

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I'm not convinced that they will not keep all 4. It's almost like they have 2 different positions. QB and wildcat QB, with the 4 they have it's a starter and a back-up at each. BUT Thigpen probably has the edge on White since he can do a little of both. PW must seperate himself as the clear wildcat option to remain IMO. I hope he can because he was some kind of thriller at WVU! Go Mountaineers!