Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Jags

Now I know (a) it was a preseason game, and (b) there was lightning. But did anyone see the promotion they were running in Jacksonville last night? "Buy a seat, get a whole section!"

It was empty in there.

And that's something the NFL needs to - and will - address. The commish visited there during training camp and re-iterated the point that fans need to turn out, or the team will move.

And where will they move to? LA, probably. Now we hear that the sentiment in LA is "whatever" when it comes to a pro football team. But the NFL wants the second largest market back. And there is a group that has done almost all of the pre-work to build a stadium....they just need a commitment from the NFL before they break ground.

I suspect that these talks will heat up as we head into the CBA discussions. This is something that the NFL really wants, and there is a team available - without expansion.

We'll see.
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