Sunday, August 22, 2010

Followup from the game

Running QBs against Miami's defense scare the bejezzubs out of me.  Last week it was Freeman, this week it was Garrard.  I suspect that this will be an area of concern for the Phins.  It causes containment issues, and the secondary has to cover longer.  That was at least partially to blame for the long gainers last night.

But the good news is that Miami is running about as bland and vanilla a defense as you can imagine.  No unusual blitzes or coverage schemes.  I would *hope* that the installation of those things will help guard against that.  Plus, I think you can do some things schematically, like they did last year once Gibril Wilson got exposed.  The jury will be out on the defense until the proverbial lights come on.

As for Soliai, he did play - albeit sparingly.  I think the last few games last year and his work ethic in training camp have let the coaches know what they have in him.  They wanted to get Starkes a little more work with the first team, and see how the depth worked after that.  I think they also tried sliding the line around a little to take advantage of other player's strengths. 

Crowder, on the other hand, was held out of all but a handful of plays.  The coaches really wanted to evaluate Dobbins, and I think they got a good, long look at him.  I think each of them brings something different to the game, so I expect they will each play a lot.

One other point of concern that I have: has this team become pass happy?  Or was that an aberration?  I certainly hope we get back to what works for us.  I don't mind having an effective passing game, and sometimes throwing a deep ball.  But I still believe the run wins championships.

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Every year the Superbowl teams will continue to be pass first teams.


That is the local trend, I'd agree. Even so, they are short, controlled passing teams.

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They set up the short controlled passes with the ability to go deep. Good to see we now have that ability. A good strong passing game will also open up the run game... I'm happy to see more passing and the deep threat.