Sunday, August 15, 2010

A followup comment

I posted a note under "last night's game" in response to another comment.

But, I wanted to add something.  Preseason game #1 is about playing as a team.  Individual play is (IMHO) irrelevant.  Many players have looked great in game one, only to fall off the roster.  The coaches shuffle players to look for the best combinations of players, and look to get the team into a groove.  You can't take much away from this game.

Games #2 and #3 are the barometers for the individuals, and we can start to assess where we are as a team.  So that's when we'll actually have a sense of great play from individuals and units. 

And then game #4 is to fill out the bottom of the roster.  Players between about 35-53 are vying for their place on the depth chart, or their very NFL future. 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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So, I guess Ethan Skolnick, Omar Kelly, David Hyde and Andy Cohen are fools for giving us a run down on who did what well or poorly. Seriously dude, why do you even bother? Yeah, maybe the other guys get paid, but even Matty from Phinsider gave some fairly in depth post game analysis of the players' performances. Most of what you print is whiney self serving drivel with no thought attached. So, why bother? I think it is kind of amusing that you are still trying to justify an idiotic position, so far as the dispensation of worthy knowledge goes. EVERYBODY ELSE BUT YOU covering the Dolphins seemed to find interest in the individual performances and provided commentary. I guess you must be what...smarter?
Instead of sticking to your inane story, why not give the folks something worth reading? Your ability to state the obvious in pigeon holing the preseason games into your own meaningless categories, notwithstanding, it would be nice if you made some legitimate sense now and again.