Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Financials in big-time sports

Deadspin.com got a copy of the Florida Marlins financial statement.  It showed basically their balance sheet: how much they made, and how much they paid out.

In effect, it showed that the owner has been distorting reality - oh woe is us, we're losing money! - and it goes to show that the owners of any sports franchise can't be trusted.  Their books are closed, so you have to *trust them*.  There's no accountability there.

Anyway, what did the Marlin's owner do?  He immediately said that it was a criminal act to release that info and he wants the person responsible prosecuted!  Now I don't know if its criminal or not, but its amazing how he simply wants to keep it a secret, and to be sure that the entirety of sports book-keeping remains that way. 

Trust them.  They know what they're doing.  Now please give them a tax subsidy and buy their merchandise and tickets to their sport.
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