Saturday, August 28, 2010

A couple of notes

  • Sean Smith's offense was ariving late to the warmups (players have to be at the stadium at a specific time). I suppose that was typical of all the dbs last night - they were always late in coverage.

  • Coach said after the game that he anticipated that about 40ish players are locks to make the team, but there are about a dozen slots still up for grabs, and he will look at the game film, and use the last game to fill out the roster.

  • Pat White had been referred to as "the 4th Qaurterback" by coach Sparano. And he was not expected to play. And there he was in the 4th showing *some* running ability, but he still wasn't able to find many open receivers. He is probably one of those who will probably not make the roster...but Sparano wants to be sure, and I suspect he's thinking there's always a chance someone might want him in a trade (though I highly doubt it!) so you want to get him a small showcase.

  • Brandon Marshall and Chad Henne ae not on the proverbial same page. When you watch them out there, you'll sometimes see Marshall make a cut and look for the ball over, say, his left shoulder, and the ball comes in over his right.

  • As the game started, the scoreboard showed the score "Dolphins 42, Falcons 0." This was up there for the entire first series. I was amused.

  • I would argue the 4th and 5th receivers will come down to Marlon Moore, Patrick Turner, and Roberto Wallace. All signs point to Turner making it regardless. The third guy will show up on the practice squad.

  • Micah Johnson played well enough to probably secure a roster spot.
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