Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chris Leeuw, staff writer for PhinPhanatics

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Hey all,

I'm sorry for this Email but I was hoping you all could put something up on your sites about this.  You don't need to mention my site but if you could put the link up that I have provided to Caring Bridge that would be great.

Chris Leeuw is one of my staff writers and two weeks ago he broke his neck in an accident on a Sunday afternoon.  He is in rehab at the moment and for the most part is paralyzed from the shoulders down.  He has some movement in his wrists, buttocks, toes, and right leg but his recovery is far from certain.  Caring Bridge is a daily journal entry about his recovery and there is a place that visitors can leave Chris messages which are read to him daily.  As a Dolphins fan Chris is part of our fraternity and I think it would be really cool if our readers can send him well wishes.  I think it would really lift his spirits.

I know this isn't something we normally share here but I thought it was worth a shot to help his mental recovery.  Thanks.  If you decide to put something up please let your readers know that if they leave a message they do so saying they are fellow Dolphins fans.  I have been told by Chris' best friend that he has our sites read to him daily to keep up with Phins news.

Here is the article link:

Thanks everyone,

Brian Miller

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We are praying for Chris' full recovery.

Manny Miyar

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Bless you Brian Miller... and ALL of you wonderful PhinPhans who have sent notes of encouragement to Chris! You'll never know the good cheer & inspiration you give.
Many thanks from Chris' family