Sunday, August 15, 2010

About the Fins Vision shots

We were asked to participate in a commercial for the device and then talk about it on our sites.

First, the shot of Brian with Mike DEE (sorry about the typo earlier) was an idea Brian (a/k/a the PhinPhantic) came up with that he pitched to the director.  He thought he should take Mike's device and walk off.  They loved it, and did about 8 takes.  I hope that winds up in the commercial.

The commercial shoot was nearly 6 hours, and it was a grind.  Lots of sitting around and waiting.  A little sitting around and pretending to talk, and very little actual talking.

They had a pre-recorded game on their for us to watch (thankfully not the 62-7 rout some years ago!), and not everything worked.

But overall I would say it was a "nice" device, and might be fun to use... once.  But I honestly didn't love it, and probably wouldn't use it.  Sure, its nice to have a replay, and the technology is cool.  Its just that I come to a football game to watch that game, not others, and not to look at fantasy stats.  I can deal with the giant scoreboards, but even they are distracting in large part....and really all they have led to is MORE ADVERTISING.  Which, at the end of the day, is part of the pitch for this device - a way to reach fans with specific ads.

Ah well, such is life.
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